If you like Piña Colada… and getting caught in Spain!

If you like Piña coladas and get caught in Spain..  and I got Caught with my man 🙂

Spain is not famous for sure for it’s Piñas coladas, but yes for the Wine, ideal for touring cosmopolitan cities, historic site and beach destinations. Apart from that, no doubt, is it’s cuisine, known for its wines and meals, specially TAPAS! 🙂 The universal Spanish dishes are the Andalusian gazpacho with vegetables soup, bread and garlic, and paella.

We had the opportunity to travel to Spain – first to Sotogrande which is located nearby Gibraltar to join the wedding of a friend. We took the advantage to pass by the “Costa del Sol” and its capital, the marvelous city of Marbella with the famous Nikis Beach Club.

The second part of our trip leaded us to The Balearic Island of Mallorca – and we had a great time exploring spots like Palma, Puerto de Andraxt or Soler between others. I guess the first places which come to your mind for sure when you think in beautiful beaches or party in Spain, are Ibiza or Formentera etc.
But believe me, if you are looking for white sand beaches with crystal water, you’ll find them there…and with less party than those in Ibiza are.

We discovered unknown small rustic and almost unknown beaches as well as beaches located in natural reservations or the grand Club Trocadero where you have to go and taste the fantastic cocktails…the ambient is very cool , cozy and …it’s not the typical beaches club style, more chill out and relax…very cool, so thats  my recommendation: check it out

Prepare your bags, your bikinis, your sportswear to make bike, bring your boyfriends, your friends, because  the next stop is Spain!

I’m ready to go to the wedding with Macchiavellica’s design.




Trocadero Sotogrande Club:






Selfie in our hotel Almenara


In the city of Palma Mallorca having a drink.


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