Macchiavellica DESIGNS

That’s the way ahahah! I LIKE IT!

In a short time I did achieve to do lots of things, from my designs, creating my new website, making the photoshoot for Macchiavellica designs and getting some publicity, interviews with the most important magazines and newspapers in Ecuador as a Fashion Blogger, stylist and designer.

From January until today I’ve been working between Ecuador, Italy and Germany. Making the pictures of my new designs (soon on my website) with my husband, the designs they all are handmade and one of a kind pieces…some executed in Ecuador and some other pieces in Lake of Constance.

It was a lot of fun, having different types of looks, from casual, hippie chic, elegant, Boho,  ethnic  mixing them up with vintage pieces , second hand pieces and designers new pieces.. specially the shoes!

Well enjoy… and that’s the way ahaaha aha aha I like it! You can always achive what you want… just propose to yourself that you can make it… and you will do it.


  • Cotton dress with wood buttons details with an  asymmetric cut.
  • High waist  yellow linen skirt. With Tagua buttons.
  • Cotton Cullote  with suspenders.. perfect woth a dolce vitta or with a crop top!
  • High waist skirt made of Jean and yute with cotton pompom as details.
  • 100% silk gold mustard  hight waist skirt with pockets and Fringes
    100% silk top with vintage buttons.
  • Hight waist yellow and blue skirt with pockets  made of yuta and jeans with pompom details .

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